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Interim Managers

For complex project or for a limited period of time before a new employee starts


We provide experienced specialists and executives on a self-employed basis. Our independently acting interim managers are experts in compliance, corporate governance, mergers, acquisitions or in the optimization of corporate processes. They are an ideal match for complex financial projects or for a limited period of time - if a new employee cannot start right away.


Your advantages:


  • Highly qualified specialists for complex projects

  • Fast staff solutions

  • Professional project steering and implementation with full cost control

  • Bridging of bottlenecks and / or order peaks


Especially in the financial, accounting and banking sector the demand of specialists and executives can increase abrupty. For example, in case of company relocations, process optimizations, change projects or loss of staff.


With us you have fast and uncomplicated access to exactly the specialists that you need for the vacant positions in the respective field. Our independent interim managers offer their expert knowledge in a project related way.


Likewise, we accompany the entire process from project start, selection of the consultants,  organisation of interviews and project execution to the final feedback talks with our client and the interim manager.


With us you have fast and individual access to exactly the talents that you need for your company. We provide:


  • Corporate Governance Experts (m/f)

  • IFRS- and US-Gaap Experts (m/f)

  • Internal Auditors (m/f)

  • Finance Managers (m/f)

  • Turn-Around-Experts / Change Managers (m/f)

  • Senior Accountants (m/f)

  • Experts for M&A, IPO,MBO (m/f)

  • Business Process Analysts (m/f)

  • Heads Finance- and Accounting (m/f)

  • SAP-Experts (m/f)

  • Controllers (m/f)

  • Financial Controllers (m/f)

  • Heads Controlling (m/f)

  • Corporate Tax Managers (m/f)

  • Treasury Managers (m/f)

  • Specialists Consolidation (m/f)

  • HR Managers (m/f)

  • Supply Chain Managers (m/f)

  • Procurement Managers (m/f)

  • Executive Assistants (m/f)

  • Transitions Managers (m/f)

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