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Specialists & Executives


For a long-term fit


Thanks to our international network we find within just a few days qualified specialists and executives for a long-term employer-employee relationship. Save time and money with our well-proven recruitment process, the so-called "Candidate Competition".


In our first meeting we will establish together with you the ideal profile of the candidate. Thus, you will find out what kind of personality suits your company and the other employees. By means of this profile we will contact already interviewed applicants of our candidate network. At the same time we will scan the candidate market in Switzerland, Europe or wordwide via ads (online and / or print ads) and social media. 


Then comes the second step of our "Candidate Competition": We will present to you three up to five candidates - if requested in our own offices. The short interviews of the first round are only serving the purpose of a first personal impression in order to find out if the "chemistry" fits. Then it is up to you to decide who of the candidates you will invite to further interviews.


On request we will accompany you and the candidate during the trial period, remaining a dialogue partner even afterwards.


With us you have fast and individual access to exactly the talents that you need for your company. We provide:


  • Specialists and Executives in the Finance and Accounting Sector

  • Corporate Tax Manager (m/f)

  • Treasury Managers (m/f)

  • Specialists Consolidation (m/f)

  • HR Managers / Directors (m/f)

  • Supply Chain Managers (m/f)

  • Managers Procurement (m/f)

  • Executive Assistants (m/f)

  • SAP Specialists (m/f)

  • Legal Counsels (m/f)

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