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Management and HR Consulting

Development and examination of corporate strategies 


The focus of our management consulting services lies on the development and examination of the global corporate strategy and strategic parts of it, such as organizationel development and project management.


We provide consulting services regarding the shaping and the development of objectives, concepts and business models as well as the setting up of operational plans. We are also at your side if it comes to the systematic steering of change and development processes leading to a sustainable success of your company and to the achievement of your strategic objectives.


We support you in the management of projects and programmes as project leader or leader of a project management office, in the project planning, execution of workshops, in the initiation of a project and the method, in the execution of project assessments, the creation of specification sheets and job descriptions for project teams, the internal and external selection of project teams and project leaders at your clients, in the external search for appropriate project ressources.


Our workshops provide further insights into other topics with HR relevance (e.g. social media, talent management, retention, management of health, etc.). We also accompany you during coaching processes in the development of your employees. 


Via our partner network you have access to a wide range of consulting sectors:


  • Coaching

  • Personality Development

  • Executive Development

  • Payroll Outsourcing

  • Process Optimization

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