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Active Sourcing


Active Sourcing stands for all measures for the identification of high potentials on the external  job market. The corporate company is proactively trying via us to get in touch with potential candidates (who may become employees later) and bind them until they can be recruited. 




Interim Management


With us you have fast and uncomplicated access to exactly the specialists that you need for the vacant positions in the respective field. Our independent interim managers offer their expert knowledge in a project related way.



Procurement of Specialists & Executives


Owing to our international network we are able to find specialists and executives within just a few days and for a long-term employer-employee relationship. This saves time and money.


We will present to you three up to five candidates in order to find out if the "chemistry" fits. Then it is up to you to decide who of the candidates you will invite to further interviews. On request we will accompany you and the candidate during the trial period, remaining a dialogue partner even afterwords.



Business - and Life - Coaching


How do I want to shape my life? Why does everything make me breathless? Why don't I get everything into my day despite planning?

Again and again there are situations in life that bring us out of balance. These can be crises or problems in professional life, in relationships or in our personal development - or simply too much of everything.

Through coaching we expand our possibilities to act and do not feel so helpless anymore, we become active again and tackle it - it's about you: Your goals, problems, wishes for change.


Management and HR Consulting


The focus of our management consulting services lies on the development and examination of the global corporate strategy and strategic parts of it, such as organisational development and project management.


We provide consulting services regarding the shaping and the development of objectives, concepts and business models as well as the setting up of operational plans. We are also at your side if it comes to the systematic steering of change and development processes leading to a sustainable success of your company and to the achievement of your strategic objectives.




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